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More LED fun

Working with the ornamental LED circuits, some took the more creative rout.

LED ring by Martin Schillström.

LED necklace by Sebastian Lehmann.

LED tie by Allen Smith.

Aum thing by Simon Holm.

LED bling by Patrik Nordquist.

Moi thing by Michael Nilsson.

LED necklace by Ma Guihong.


LED bracelets

Inspired by the bare-wire works of artist Peter Vogel we created these coin-cell battery LED bracelets.

LED bracelet by Sara Johanna Nilsson.

LED bracelet by Matthias Czaja.

LED bracelet by Viktor Hellmér.

LED bracelet by George Fahim.

LED bracelet by Samira Afshoon.

LED bracelet by Erik Sternå.

LED bracelet by Johan Fröhlander.

LED bracelet by Per Fredelius.