Throughout the Physical Computing course, I developed Huggie the interactive pillow. It started out from a wish to explore personal involvement with physical objects around us through an interactive artefact. “What properties should an object have to make it easier to get attached to it?” and “When does attachment take place and under which conditions?” are questions that triggered this project.

Huggie receiving its first big hug
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Mini Projects

Battle Ball

Red vs. Green

3D Sphere Display 


Pictures from the final mini projects.

The Pyrosphere

This is the Pyrosphere shown in the Burning Man 2010. I think it is really cool because I like light and fire that are programmed to the music. The Pyrosphere is thirty-seven feet tall and it has ninety-one flamethrowers. So it is quite big. And the best is that it’s control by a Arduino.

Here is a movie of what it can do:

From the site Nexus Burning Man 2010 Photos, from there you can find another page where they are showing how they did it. So go there and get some inspiration.

//Lisa Ryrholm


The Outside-o-meter
group 2

The spinning LED display

We just produced a video of our project and released it on YouTube.
Go watch it!!

3D LED display sphere with snake game and earth map.

Whack-A-Pad Game

/Group 14 (Peiyao, Jörgen, Pekka, Joakim, Allen)

The TerraSimula

The TerraSimula subjects a plant to the weather conditions currently present somewhere on earth. Want to find out what the weather is like back home in Reykjavík? Is it nighttime in Tokyo? Is the weather in Buenos Aires as good as they say it is? The TerraSimula can answer all of these questions and maybe even keep a plant of your choice alive and prospering.

By pressing a button on the world map the TerraSimula download weather data from the internet and tries to mimic the conditions by emulating rain, wind and sun- and moonlight conditions. Groving moss and lichen just like in Iceland has never before been this easy!


TS1 prototype

The ready TerraSimula prototype in the lab




Per checking out some heavy rainfall


/Group 10