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“Virtuoso” an Arduino musical instrument


Virtuoso is a program that plays different sequences of pre-defined notes. There are  seven push buttons which(each) add  one note  to the sequence. You can choose between two different octaves bye pressing and releasing each button. Also there are two potentiometers for changing “Tempo” and adding “Tremolo” effect.



Below is the schematics for the circuit which works with the Virtuoso program:


As shown above 7 push buttons are used on digital inputs (pulled down within  1 – 10K ohm range to ground) and two potentiometers (potentiometers can be any range from 1K to 50K ohm) are on Analog inputs (0 to 5V scale).
If you intend to increase the number of buttons simply copy the same component and connections. If more analog inputs needed the same applies. You can use a variety of sensors (LDRs, IR/Ultra Sonic distance meters, Force sensors, etc.) instead of the potentiometers. In such a case, you can simply take the potentiometer out and place the other sensor instead (as an analog voltage).
Dowload the code from here.
Here is another version of the code which works with three push buttons [With the same configuration in the schematic above.Read the instructions in the code]
Uses part of the code provided by Jaxon BK (http://www.blackkat.org/Arduinoise/Arduinoise.html)

More info
Here is a simple guide to music and music alphabets. Here you can read about mapping of frequency to notes.