Robots with Mind of Their Own

The “Symbrion” project aims to investigate and develop a self adapting and evolving symbiotic multi-robot organisms. This multi-robot organism is an artificial life form consists of multiple small robots which can share their resources and autonomously control their own bodies and cooperate for common purpose. This swarm of robots can dynamically self assemble and collectively interact with physical world with their many sensors. The principles of their interaction and adaptation are based on bio natural approaches. They can self configure their software, self-repair their damage, self optimize< and learn through their interaction with outer world. In short, they are capable to manage on their own and evolve without any further human supervision.

They can be used to perform tasks that is too dangerous for humans.  Hundreds of engineers in UK are working on the “Symbrion” project alongside colleagues in Europe to develop these swarm of robot organism. Now the project is in early prototype stage.

Posted by Sarantsetseg Chinbat (Group Y)



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