Data-junkies behold…

I watched this lecture a little more than a year ago (ages ago in internet-time). It got me going in a “the future is now” kind of a way. In the lecture Pattie Maes (MIT Media Lab) introduces sixthSense an attempt to add a data-layer on top of the perceived world. The display part isn’t as cyberpunk as I would like, but the concept is made with tech available today unlike my cyberpunk daydreams (contact lens display).

Can Arduino be any cooler?
The above was my inspiration piece but I couldn’t skip this sharing this ultra slick could be assassin/spy drone platform. It’s open source so the developers must be the friendly go happy types but DARPA is sure to put this to some not so friendly use. Here and here are some flicks of quad drones in action by Daniel Mellinger at UPenn. Here is a flick of the Arduino drone, not as cool but maybe one of us could improve it…


Olafur Nielsen (group V)


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