Using the iPad for light painting.

The project “Making Future Magic: light painting with the iPad” by BERG London and Dentsu London really inspired me with the film that they created using their method for light painting.

Light painting is a method within photography where you use long exposure times. During this exposure time you may move around a strong light source in front of the camera. In the final photo, the path taken by the light source will be visible due to the fact that each position the light source has been in during the exposure is captured by the camera.

This project is more advanced as the light source is the screen of an iPad and more complex shapes can be created due to previous processing of what should be shown for each position. I recommend you to visit the site and view the video to see better how this is done.

The technology is not perfect. A soft glow surrounds the object. Also in some parts of the film you might see ghost like shapes of the person moving the iPad. The glow does however look rather nice in my opinion and the ghost shapes are not that distracting.

What inspires me the most with this project is that this technology might very well be used to physically place virtual objects in a photo. For example, you could create a 3d model of an object that you would like to place in a room. You might take a photo of the room and then render the 3d model on this photo. While the final image might look more realistic, all the placing, adjusting and changing would be in front of a computer. Using light painting with a device like the iPad (portable and with a display), you would instead be able to walk around the room and create the object physically where you would want it. I think that this could feel more natural to learn and to work with, if a finished product as well as further studies were made.

You can view the film as well as more images at the site for the project:

The project was found from (

/Mathias Andersson Group K


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