The experiments of Daito Manabe, and some kinetic art

Japanese experimenter and artist Daito Manabe shows us how electrical face stimulus and electrodes attached to various body parts can be used in fun new ways, like  copy-pasting your facial expressions onto your friends, and control digital instruments for real:

I find it interesting that Daito manages this with seemingly little resources. This shows that muscle controlled machine interfacing may be feasible on a DIY basis. Although this may be a good spot to declare: “Kids, don’t try this at home.”

Another, highly unrelated subject is that of kinetic sculptures (of Theo Jansen and Arthur Ganson among others). It is not a strictly speaking a physical computing field (although Jansens creatures actually make physical computations), but it may serve as a good source of inspiration to the field. Kinetic sculptures shows us that complexity and computation can be brought to the physical, macro, world so that it can be visualized and viewed in broad daylight. It seems that the art of these contraptions sometimes lies in their ability to demonstrate their own computation as they are running. Unlike electronics, they carry their brains on their outside, so that anyone can see their thoughts.

-Per Fredelius (Group N)


One response to “The experiments of Daito Manabe, and some kinetic art

  1. Weird.
    Love the Ganson video.


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