Silent Barrage

This project creates a feedback between living nerve cells in a culture dish and the audience in an exposition; this is achieved by the movements of robots that base their movements on what’s delivered by the activity of the cells. This lets the neural network to learn and deploy specific behaviors related to its interaction with audience, which is generated by signals coming from different sensors.

The project let the scientists to learn about the behavior of the neural activity in many ways, but at the same, and something that I find really interesting, is that it also allows the audience to really interact with the neurons and their activity, by watching the behavior of the robots that are displaying somehow what happens in the network, like its memories, how they are created, and how it adapts to its surrounding, giving people an interesting approach to the basics of ourselves, and the essence of our mind by showing that it comes just from our nerve cells.

Silent Barrage project is developed by – Philip Gamblen, Guy Ben-Ary, Peter Gee, Dr. Nathan Scott & Brett Murray in collaboration with Dr. Steve Potter Lab, (Dr. Steve Potter, Douglas Swehla, Stephen Bobic & Riley Zeller-Townson) Georgia Institute of Technology.

“via we-make-money-not-art”
Juan Olier, Group A.


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