Scribble A Beautiful Masterpiece

ScribbleBots from Jon Cumberpatch on Vimeo.

(video courtesy of yankodesign)

Art is, whether it comes in the shape of music, paintings, sculptures etc., something that unites people all over the world. I believe everyone has some piece music or painting of special significance to them, which they love sharing with others. Jon Cumberpatch´s invention scribblebot adds a completely new dimension of sharing when it comes to drawn art. Instead of only looking at a painting you can, with a little help from the scribblebot, make the same painting yourself.
The actual concept might not be perfectly executed with its quite limited drawing possibilities. But the sharing feature is something completely new and I believe this can encourage and inspire not so confident “artist” to actually start making their own pieces of art. In the same way as for example guitar hero has inspired people to actually pick up a real guitar instead of the fake one that comes with the game. All inventions that lead to the inspiration of other people are good inventions.


Tommi Saarela, Group D


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