An LED-cube is little more than a simple set-up of LEDs connected to a microprocessor, but arranged in such a way as to give individual control of each LED, creating a three dimensional display.

4x4x4 LED-Cube

Fig1. 4x4x4 mono-chromatic cube, Photo courtesy of (http://hacknmod.com/hack/tutorial-how-to-make-led-cubes/)

The cubes come in many different variations, with mono-chromatic LEDs (above), or multi-colored (below),  usually in the range of 3x3x3 – 8x8x8


Fig 2. 4x4x4 multi-colored cube, Photo courtesy of (http://www.lomont.org/Projects/LEDCube/LEDCube.php)

The applications of LED-cubes are often limited to purely aesthetic ones and they serve little practical purpose, but are an interesting hack for exploring 3D display alternatives. They are well documented and fairly easy and inexpensive to make and are therefore popular with amateur builders and hackers.

Video Examples


Makezine (PDF, same as video above)

PIC Projects


– John Adolfsson, Group E


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