Interactive Dance Floor

Here is a short demonstration video of an interactive dance floor, built by Gustav Josefsson, Iman Habib and myself.

The explanation might be a bit tricky to understand, it’s easier to watch the video first! 🙂

There are five microcontrollers, each controlling (and sensing) six tiles. Each tile has four white LEDs (one in each corner) to lit up a piece of plexiglass. The bottom of the tile is covered with aluminium foil for good light reflections. The aluminium is also used for the microcontrollers to sense if someone stands on a pile (and if so lit it up). The sensing is done in a capacitive way, so there will be minimal wear (mechanical solutions with button switches or something similar often tend to wear out more quickly). I hope you find it interesting!

//Ola Jakobson, Group C


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