Ever wondered why your ceiling looks that boring? Most probably it’s monochromic and white as in many houses. Colouring might help but it’s nowhere near as cool as HYPERSKY!

Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram developed Hypersky as “an augmented reality window looking upwards, revealing the current natural conditions and manmade objects zooming through the airspace above the house” (http://www.kramweisshaar.com/projects/hypersky.html).

Using a display on the ceiling Hypersky is able to show the clouded and animated sky at daytime and stars, planets, satellites and flying objects at night. Also rain and wind can be simulated by the system showing visualizations.

Not only sensoring the real sky above the building (using rain and wind sensors) Hypersky uses additional data of databases and satellite data for displaying the view upwards.

Via pixelsumo, all photos courtesy of Kram/Weisshaar.

– Christoph Gonsior, Group C


One response to “Hypersky

  1. Sara Johanna Nilsson

    This is so copied from Harry Potter! =)

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