Food printer.

A concept design project named Cornucopia presented by MIT has a new take on the environmental problems in the food industry such as transportation and waste of food. It is estimated that the waste of meat is equivalent to 100 000 pigs/year in Sweden alone according to ”food for a better climate” ( in Swedish), add to that all other products with an expiration date and the numbers becomes staggering. We could of course shop locally to avoid unneccesary transportation and minimize the impact on the environment but how do we solve the issue of us throwing away food? This is where the foodprinter enters the scene. Simply put it has a series of canisters with basic ingredients which can be mixed, chilled or heated and then used to create any number of dishes. It doesn’t get any greener than that.

Above is a picture of the Cornucopia, on top are the canisters with basic ingredients to be used to “print” the dish.

Via “MIT’s Food Printer: The Greenest Way To Cook?“, Lloyd Alter.

Photos courtesy of (MIT Fluid Interface Group).

Jörgen Magnusson – Group O.


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