Electrolux Invico

During the past months I’ve seen a huge variety of thrilling designs by/for Electrolux, each of them showing us glimpses of the future. I chose to post this one due to its relevance to student apartment space limitations.

So the Electrolux Invico (design by Njegos Lakic) is a cooking/heating surface that can be put away when not used, like shown on the images below, in order to be able to use the same space for something else.

The Invico is easily put away from your work space.

The silicon based material is flexible enough to be rolled down on the backside of the unit.

The heating surface is made of non-melt silicone that operates only when in contact with metal. Since nothing but the area in contact with metal is heated this device is not only safe, but also superior to ordinary stoves in versatility since you can place your pots or kettles anywhere on the surface.

So we got our heating surface in basically the same material as our modern oven mitts and kettle holders. How cool is that?

The fact that it comes with an LED display with heat control, a cooking timer AND access to an online cookbooks database makes it perfect for student apartments with limited space. I sure could’ve had use of one in my previous 18 square metres apartment.

-Patric Westberg (Group X)
“Rolling Out with Heat” on Yanko Design.


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