Digital Art

I have always been interested in art and the ways people try to express themselves. Of course there are paintings, sculptures and other forms of expression. But what about art when it comes to our new digital world? New technologies providing many options to realize different ideas of different kinds.

The Graffiti Research Lab shows one of those ways, which are really interesting for me:

In this example they’re using a high resulotion projector and a laser (and probably some more or less complex software). This equipment allows the user realize his creativity in big size using different objects like facedes of buildings as canvases without leaving a “real” mark.
This concept of digital art is primarily interesting because of its interaction of the user with his environment. Small moves, big results.

Another concept of public digital art, which is actually much interactiveless than the example before, but very interesting though:

Matthias Czaja / Group X


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