Arcade racing has never been this real

Arcade games has always been popular, since not many other forms of gaming allows the player to fully immense themselves in the game world in the same way. However, arcade games suffer from many drawbacks. They are expensive and time consuming to update, and they often lack the processing power to render truly life-like environments.

Designer Malte Jehmlich grew tired of this and created a brand new kind of arcade game. A game which is just like any other arcade game, but in his version you actually control a real car!

This way the tracks can be rearranged and updated continiously. There is no need for a lot of processing power since a camera is enough to give the player the perfect view. Furthermore, this thing can be built using very cheap components that can be found everywhere. The only drawback is that you need a lot of space to drive in.

Check out this article at engadget for more information, but also video of the game in action and a talk with its maker.

Carl Engström, Group T


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