MIT Sketching System

Although this sketching system was developed at least 4 years ago, but the wonderful concept behind it still inspirits us. It is “A designing environment and beneath of it is a powerful designing environment that allows a kind of natural and familiar style of interaction.”

At the first glance, you probably won’t notice a difference – it looks just like a white board. But it actually stimulates real mechanics. One of the exciting things about this natural design environment is with this white board, you can design things just as you did on paper, and yet you are able to do things that are not possible to do on paper.

For those who have watched the movie “artificial intelligence” probably still remember the final scene that after hundreds years, a metal kind “box” flying over a desert, and when they reached the spot, the “box” disassembled itself into pieces of boards and integrated into the background (turned into wall bricks perhaps). It would be cool if someday the white board invention becomes the original prototype of a flying “box”…

BTW: the software is available at:

Cheng Qing — Group I

via: albbu


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