adaptive fa[CA]de – by Marilena Skavara.

Image courtesy of "Marilena Skavara"

Image courtesy of "Marilena Skavara"

This project demonstrates an adaptive structure or a ‘living’ skin . It creates complex patterns based on Cellular Automata and Artificial Neural Networks, The Algorithm is trained for selected sun positions, and using its embedded learning behavior, the whole structure responds to the surrounding light setting through out the year and generates this adaptive, CA based patterns.

Image courtesy of "Marilena Skavara"

Image courtesy of "Marilena Skavara"

Here is how the architect describes her project:

“‘Adaptive fa[CA]de’ is a manifestation of how naturally designed systems can potentially inspire a new type of adaptive, programmable architecture. It explores a wide spectrum of functional possibilities and performative characteristics of Cellular Automata (CA). CA are bottom-up algorithms and a great example of ‘hidden’, low-level intelligence found in several emergent and often complex, natural formations. ‘Adaptive fa[CA]de’ is an endeavour to formulate a surface based on simple CA rules that constantly alters its pattern by tilting each panel on the grid to seven possible angles.” -“Marilena Skavara”

to the Marilena Skavara website

seen @ Interactive Architecture

/George Fahim (Group U)


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