The Radiogenic object

The concept was introduced by Anthony Dunne with his book Hertzian Tales and it gives a name to objects that “interfaces between the abstract space of electromagnetism and the material cultures of everyday life, revealing unexpected points of contact between them.” (A. Dunne, Hertzian Tales, p.111) The object takes form of an ordinary object that has some parts embedded in it that allows the user to “see” the abstract space of electromagnetism.

(Bobbin Cane, Hertzian Tales, p120)(Hertzian Tales, p120)

One example of an object doing this is the bobbin cane that was made during World War I. It is an ordinary cane that has a radio embedded inside it. This was used to listen to forbidden radio during World War I.

I find Dunne’s ideas interesting as they often make you think different from what you are used to. The design is often far from the “normal” design and this makes the objects stick out more and makes you think more about the design.

Fredrik Andersson – Group B


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