Sonic City

Sonic City is a way to use the city as a user interface to create music. It is exploring both new ways to create music and a “urban exploration”. Sonic City is a wearable technology that creates sounds depending on actions of the wearer and on the environment surrounding the user. The user wears headphones so that he/she can hear the music that is being created, and thus also change and adapt behavior to change the music created. I think that it is inspiring to find a project that both makes urban exploration interesting and that looks at different ways of being creative with music.

photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Sonic City is a collaboration between the Interactive Institute and the Viktoria Institute. The project team includes: Lalya Gaye, Margot Jacobs , Ramia Mazé  and Daniel Skoglund . Participating masters students from the IT University Göteborg include: Sara Lerén  and Magnus Johansson

The project was created in 2002 and can be found here:

/Elin Josefsson, Group K


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