Sketch Furniture (and flower lamp) by Front

Swedish design collective Front have developed a method to print hand sketches by combining motion capture and rapid prototyping techniques.

(Courtesy of

While drawing in the air, motion capture transfers the movement to a 3D CAD file, which is then “printed” with rapid prototyping (see movie below).

(Courtesy of

“Motion Capture is a technique that translates motions into 3D-files. Motion capture is mostly used for animations in movies and computer games.”

“Rapid Prototyping is a technique that materialises 3D-fi les. A laser beam builds the 3D-fi le layer by layer within a liquid plastic material. Every 0.1mm the liquid harden by a laser beam. After a few hours, the 3Dfiles come out as materialised pieces.”

I have a feeling we will see more of this technique in other areas and contexts. It seems quite useful to me although rapid prototyping is an area that might need a lot of development.

The collection received a lot of international attention and has been showed at MOMA New York, in Tokyo and at private galleries. Front works with design in a very conceptual way and some of you might have seen the blown away vase or the lamp which blossoms when you decrease your energy consumtion (or most likely the life size animal furniture like the pig table or horse lamp but those are not related to physical computing so no pictures… =) )

/Sara Johanna Nilsson


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