Frontline Gloves

Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon have been developing a pair of interactive gloves, which are supposed to be used by firefighters. These gloves are meant to be a communication tool for firefighters when dealing with very smoky environments, where it’s extra hard to see or speak.

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The gloves themselves are equipped with ultra-bright LED’s as well as a sonar sensor that can detect distance in an environment where visibility is very low, which makes communication a bit easier. Also used is a wireless XBEE module and of course to control it all, our favorite microcontroller, the Arduino board.

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To communicate, you basically use a number of gestures, which can be seen above. Whenever your partner has signaled a gesture to you, the gesture-lamp on your glove will light up, and you’ll be able to tell what your partner wanted you to know.

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In the fingers are bend sensors. Their task is to pick up and decode the gestures from your partner.

I like this project as it combines wearable technology with something important, and that could possibly be saving many lives in the future.

Vi Dat Thai – Group G
via Fashioning Tech and talk2myshirt


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