Image courtesy: Cybraphone/

Inspired by old time music-machines like the Telharmonium and the Nickelodeon, the Cybraphone is a new take on the concept of the robotic band – with a social web twist.

Composed of motorized versions of various old instruments and pieces of junk like a shruti box, a record player with custom brass samples and various percussion instruments, the Cybraphone is able to render interesting interpretations of well known songs as well as composing its own original music. Among other technologies, Arduinos and Max/MSP was used to create the machine.

The machine is connected to the social web – Twitter, Facebook etc and is sensitive to the amount of buzz it renders. (Trying to mimic the nervous behavior of an indie band) The more attention it gets, the more and the happier music it plays.


Erik Thoresson
Group H


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