Bofors 57mm MK3 naval gun system

Naval gun systems has been around for a very long time, and they are basically working the same way. The base of the system is of course the gun itself, the turret it’s mounted on, and in more modern systems, the targeting computer. The targeting computer is there to calculate where a projectile will hit in order to increase the chance of hitting a target with the first round. This allows for greater precision but, in the end, the projectile is on it’s own after leaving the barrel.

Bofors has taken this to a new level, and made a system that not only has a computer system linked to the turret, but also to the ammunition. This kind of integration allows the system to control when and where the round will detonate, according to time, place and proximity to target.

I found this to be an interesting piece of technology since it could, and probably will, help our troops and minimize the number of Swedish soldiers killed when deployed in hostile environments. As it is a very versatile round, you will not have to reload a cannon, you can just reprogram the shot, and get a whole new effect on the target. Perhaps it could even have such a deterrent effect, that the number of attacks would decrease and thus, both sides would suffer less casualties.

Information on the project can be found at BAESystems homepage,

//Mikael Rytterhag Group U


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