Autonomous driving: a dream? or a plan?

Do you want to see the world expo in shanghai? Join in the autonomous Vehicle trip. No need to drive yourself. The car will take you wherever you want.

how the car looks like, photo courtesy of IEEE

It sounds dream-like. But the cars are already half-way to shanghai.

After long time’s laboratory tests, these cars, developed at the University of Parma’s Artificial Vision and Intelligent Systems Laboratory, known as VisLab, have been set out on a real-world drive: a 13,000-kilometer, three-month intercontinental journey from Parma to Shanghai, started in July and will end in late October.

the planned route, from Italy to China. photo courtesy of IEEE

I have been considering the possibility that one day complete autonomous cars be created and no need for me to pass the driving tests. This autonomous vehicle grand challenge makes this day closer.

There’s  a video on Youtube. Check this and feel the excitement of sitting in a car without driver.

For detailed technical information about these cars, check this link:

via ma guihong   Group X


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