Augmented telescopes

Berlin, as it used to look. Photo courtesy of

 For different purposes and at several different places around the world, periscopes or telescopes have been placed to give by-passers the chance to view the world in a somewhat new fashion. These have been around for ages. Lately however, a new kind of telescopes have popped up, using augmented reality to radically change the view of its surroundings. 

When looked through, these telescopes show things as different as new city plans to reduce car traffic (Malmö), dressing up dinosaur skeletons with flesh and skin (Berlin) or showing a location as it looked a hundred years ago (Berlin). 

By doing this, the user gets a totally different experience than simply watching photos in the city hall, museum, etc., wherever the information traditionally would have been shown. The context of the information perceived is instead accurate and a better understanding is given of how pieces are linked together with the real world. 

Possible city plans of Malmö, through the telescope. Photo courtesy of

Robin Persson, group I 

via pixelsumo


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