Hand from Above

How would you feel if a finger flicked you off a big screen live in a public place? Crish O’Shea did a project a year ago doing just this. It consists of a big screen set up by a large public place with a camera at the top. The camera films the crowd below and in real time tickles, flicks or removes the people from the picture with a giant hand!

Video courtesy victorlmachado

This summer there was another similar display in New York at Times Square. This was however a commercial, but it had the same idea. A woman picking people up from the crowd and putting them in a bag, among other things.

There is however not a known connection between these to, but they both show a new way of interacting with the public in their everyday life. This is something that is often seen in sci-fi movies, where all the commercials talk to the pedestrians passing by for instance. Maybe that future is not so distant?

Video courtesy space150

Leo Sten – Group R
via Crish O’Shea – Hands from Above and Pixelsumo


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